Monday, October 11, 2004

A cut by any other name would still be as deep

Here's a thought - why do people say completely bone things like "Ooh, a paper-cut - they're the worst sort!"
No, no they're not. I would hazard a guess for 'worst cut' to be somewhere more along the lines of, say, the eviscerating sweep of a broadsword, or the not-really-a-cut-more-of-a-gnawing that comes from an incorrectly juggled chainsaw where the kittens forget the script.
And why do Band-aids(TM) come in such a weird colour? If you ever actually saw anyone with skin that colour, they either a corpse or in a carnival sideshow. Make them nice fluoro colours, something that says to the world "See! I hurt myself, everyone, but I'm not crying anymore!"

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