Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Hubbard Cupboard

The Hubbard Cupboard

Well, I’m finally getting to the last of the Mysterious Things that have been floating around the pantry for absolutely ages.  I managed to knock off the can of fried gluten on the weekend, and I do not think I will be buying more in the future.  Nor the vegetarioan chop suey - I have no idea what those little brown spiral things in it were, nor much of the other ingredients for that matter.

There are still two disturbing items to tackle though; the little can of pickled lettuce (sauerkraut is fine, but lettuce?) and something called pickled mustard greens.  Once these are gone though, all I have left is a 5kg bag of rice and a litre bottle of Maggi seasoning.  And some onions.  And about a kilo of salted liquorice.

Pray for me.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Things that make you go 'Err, I won't try that again...'

Well, it sounded good in theory; mix flour and water into a mug, add a dash od chicken seasoning, a good hoik of soy sauce, and then microwave for a bit.

Yes, it was as bad as it sounds. I think I'll stick with rice in the future.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Date with Destiny

Kids, I have discovered that date loaf does not make good toast. It's like trying to grill a piece of Christmas pudding. I needed a new toaster anyway, and the kitchen walls were never dark enough for my liking. Hopefully the skin on the ends of my fingers will grow back soon.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The clock says what?

A short post on alarm clocks, and the general aggro they bring to all our lives.

I have recently returned from a couple months annual leave (all play and pay, no work - Oh, the Horror...).

When I got back (from overseas) my old alarm clock had died. A cheesy fire-stained one I inherited from my sister after she stole my radio-clock. It had given up the proverbial ghost. Permanently. Only use left for it now was as a modern-day morning-star of sorts.

So I scraped myself out of bed in the mornings for a whole month with nothing to aid me but Healthy Living (ha!) and the alarm on my watch.

Needless to say, I sleep in when the hand containing it is under the pillow.

It gets worse though - I buy a new alarm clock (egh - a story in itself) and now I have a new problem. My housemate has had Tuesday off for many, many years. In my absence, she has changed to Wednesday - you see the conflict already, right?

Yep, sure enough, last week I tried to get her out of bed to go to work on her Day Off. Ooh, was I in trouble. (I found my car eventually.)

But Karma got me. Didn't turn my new alarm off for the next day (my day off). Bummer.

Nor the next week - this is getting silly. Also, (I briefly thought I had to wake Someone Else in the house up - again.)

I await an improvement in matters.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Oh, my poor nose

Yep, it's nose to the grindstone again. Not much I can add to that except there may be some Interesting receipes coming out here due to my near-insolvency after the Trip To Last Until Next Time.

But not the thing with the crackers. God no. No-one deserves to go through what I did again.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Aaarrgh, my nads!

All I can add at the moment is that it's bloody cold in northern Poland. But I have not been bitten by any mosquitoes (fleas, yes), or had sunburn, so that is good.