Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cruel and unusual

I'm bathed in a cold sweat. As my nausea increases, I notice a tic begin to develop on the left side of my face. Somewhere in the preternatural stillness, a clock ticks like some impersonal harbinger of doom.

Wait, I don't have a clock. Where's that coming from?

It's now been four days without a home internet connection. This is intolerable. Life has become a hollow, meaningless shuffling routine.

I've tried filling the void with books, music and DVDs, but it isn't working; somehow, it just makes it all worse (and no, please don't mention TV -- I still have some dignity).

I mentioned my plight to The Drones (at work) but received no sympathy. They seemed to think it was some kind of luxury - yeah, like sugar in your coffee, or Weetbix without milk. Go on, you try that and see how you like it, you sanctimonious Luddite.

No, this really is too-- oh hey, this thing has games on it too! Beauty, that's more like it!

See you in sixteen hours.


Amanda said...

Ironic that the first blog post in several years is inspired by a lack of Internet connection?! I would die. They can cut off my water or gas but don't touch my internet.

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